We Are An Innovative Climate

Driving Digital Technology In Nigeria

Digital Capacity Development

The world is rapidly becoming a globalized digital economy; this is only possible through the exponential increase in digital capacity development of people and economies across the world. Digital capacity development stand on the three pillars of StartPreneurs because we believe it is imperative to develop the technological capacity of all Nigerians for a chance at a fully digitalized economy.

Entrepreneurship Training

StartPreneurs operates as an innovation ecosystem in the African Entrepreneurship circle. But we know that innovation is not constricted to a select few, as such, our mission is to grow the entrepreneurial spirit across Nigeria. Using Mindset re-engineering and extensive entrepreneurship trainings. StartPreneurs is transforming the Nigerian economy from innovation consumers into innovation creators.

Technology Deployment

At StartPreneurs we understand the factors that drive the Nigerian technology sector, it is this understanding that defines the StartPreneurs environment with a climate of unique and diverse technologies. With our experience and the aid of our partners, we deploy our technologies into key areas of varying sectors such as Defense, Beauty, Cybersecurity, Transportation, Marketing, Enterprise amongst others.


Augumented reality

Data Science

Machine Learning

Geospatial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence